Company: CopperNose Ltd

Summary: CopperNose sets to create a ‘new kind’ of craft beef jerky in the UK. CopperNose is a British brand of beef jerky with 5 beef products in the current range (Smokey, Teriyaki, Garlic & Chilli, Spicy and the Cotswolds Distillery Whisky Jerky, named Drunken Pheasant). In March of 2016 the business was awarded the Richard Branson Virgin Start-Up status and has received investment to progress, fund and scale the business.

The Product

Established in the heart of the Cotswolds, CopperNose is the creation of two brothers, Liam and Daniel. Having grown up with American beef jerky, CopperNose was inspired to set a new standard in craft jerky. Using only 100% grass fed, ethically sourced British silverside beef, CopperNose can track and trace each order back to the farm. Each of the CopperNose products ties into a wider story relating to the ‘CopperNose Family’ and the prize CopperNose bull; customers are welcomed to join the CopperNose story and journey.

The idea came during Liam Derry’s final year at the Royal Agricultural University where he competed and was placed runner-up in the UK Grand Idea Competition and was encouraged to continue with the venture by the one and only Levi Roots, nicknaming Liam “The Jerky Man”. Liam wanted to set a new standard for beef jerky in the UK with a premium craft product that appealed to the health-conscious market, as well as foodservice and corporate gifting sectors. The aim for CopperNose was to re-establish a new kind of quality beef jerky in the UK and not compete with existing products. Starting with jerky, the aspiration is to develop into other products as the business grows.

Following the investment, the company steadily grew with more and more joining the CopperNose family as Liam and Daniel toured the country, bringing the UK the very best in craft jerky. CopperNose received the highest ratings from two of the biggest Jerky Guides in the USA. The Jerky Report, Brooklyn NY and Best Jerky, San Diego CA highly rated CopperNose Jerky and the product received 5 STARS for its French Kiss – Garlic and Chilli craft beef jerky.

Main challenge of being an entrepreneur

Daniel Derry says; “For any start-up, cash flow is of course one of the biggest challenges at launch. There is a big difference in business growth for those who have received investment. Another challenge at the start was that our brand was ‘unknown’. It was difficult trying to grab the attention of potential buyers at the start and it has taken a lot of hard work, perseverance and dedication to knock down barriers, but when you do get going, the momentum builds and the results can be magnifying. It’s definitely worth the energy!”

On working with Farm491

CopperNose is a resident member at Farm491 and takes occupancy of one of the Harnhill workshops. Daniel adds; “Farm491 has provided us with amazing opportunities. We have participated in lots of shows with the Royal Agricultural University and this has exposed us to the support from students which is so valuable to our small business. We occupy one of the units in the Harnhill building. The space serves as our office and smokery; everything from recipe creation, production, packaging and distribution takes place at our base at Farm491 and the facilities are superb.”

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MEET THE FOUNDERS: Liam and Daniel Derry

Brothers Liam and Daniel Derry are the founders of CopperNose. Whilst visiting his brother Daniel in America, Liam saw how good beef jerky was in comparison to the UK and this set off his ambition to create and re-invent a premium beef jerky in the UK with a national brand. During his degree at the Royal Agricultural University Liam started to create and experiment with beef jerky recipes until he perfected his first four products.

In 2015 Liam’s brother, Daniel joined the business as Procurement Director following a career in the Armed Forces. Whilst Liam can be found developing products in the kitchen, Daniel heads up the brand and business development. He was responsible for the business applying for the Virgin Start-Up status. Liam and Daniel’s skill sets complement each other perfectly and this has been fundamental to the success of the business so far.