Company: diAgri

Summary: A smart monitoring solution for livestock; tracking and detailing animal location and movement and providing vital information on animal health and wellbeing.

The Product

The agriSmartTag from diAgri, is an intelligent livestock tracking system that records and tracks animal location and movement in near real-time and alerts the farmer when animals move beyond geo-fence boundaries or when a potential concern regarding animal health and wellbeing is detected.

Cattle and sheep can be tagged with the agriSmartTag, a GPS-enabled digital tag that links up to smart technology, where farmers can set geo-fences and various locations or time-based alerts and be notified if animals move out of or into a geo-fence. This will alert the farmer when animals escape from a field or in the case of stock theft.

The agriSmartTag solution also records additional data about the animal’s movement and behaviour patterns and will detect possible injuries or illnesses, subsequently informing the farmer so that the farmer can investigate and take appropriate precautionary action, reducing the risk of poor health or fatality. diAgri is working to further refine the agriSmartTag to alert farmers when dogs are worrying livestock.

What differentiates the agriSmartTag is that it is small, lightweight, has an extensive battery life and works across large distances. If a farmer operates across an extensive environment, or on remote land where they cannot check all animals every day, the agriSmartTag provides a farmer with that extra pair of eyes they need to monitor and manage the wellbeing of livestock – reducing labour time, costs, and preventable losses.

On working with Farm491 and the RAU

Ian said; “I had been looking for support from an agritech start-up and had looked at various incubator facilities across London. None of these had the relevant agricultural connection, knowledge and experience that I was searching for. I then found Farm491. The hub has helped me progress product development and supported in setting-up my business.”

Main challenge of being an entrepreneur

Ian first explored his idea back in 2010, but at the time the technology was not available to support the solution and he was unable to turn his idea into a reality. Over time, technology has rapidly advanced. Innovation in low power electronics, storing and processing data in the cloud, the growth in smartphones and the use of apps has really catapulted Ian’s proposition.

Along his journey, the battery life of the product, as well as the weight, size, robustness and manufacturing cost have all been challenges. Ian also balances family life and full-time employment whilst building the product and business.

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Meet the Founder: Ian Bester

Ian Bester is the innovator behind diAgri. Having previously worked in business and technology, including product innovation for several global brands, Ian has an intuitive mind for product development. After running his own IT consultancy for many years, Ian decided in August 2016 to focus on his own product research and developed his first prototype of diAgri in August. Working at the bleeding edge of technology, it took four prototype iterations before the product was finalised.

Ian grew up in a farming family in South Africa where he was exposed to large commercial farms. Theft of livestock was a major concern. Drawing on his experiences growing up, and using his technological skills, Ian saw an opportunity to develop technology that exploited data analytics to help track and monitor livestock location, wellbeing and behaviour. Ian believes the solution has the potential to roll out to livestock farming across the world, becoming a valuable tool for many livestock farmers and he has already received interest from parties in Australia and Southern Africa.