The ultimate combination of collaborative working space & workshop facilities with access to 491 hectares of farmland for those who need it.


There’s currently room for your business at the Harnhill Workshops.

Located within 491 hectares (1,200 acres), our Harnhill Workshops offer you the choice to conduct your business within professional office space, contemporary meeting areas, functional workshops or managed farming systems – these workshops scale to suit small businesses and upward.

Suitable for everything from undertaking testing to manufacturing, some of our residents can potentially form a vast field laboratory if their needs extend so far. Several projects are already being undertaken on the topic of reduced cultivation and improvements in soil organic matter and fertility by growing a number of alternative crop species.



To grow your business you require the ideal conditions and flexibility. That can mean you need facility to test your products, services, and concepts in a real world environment. Our workshops at Harnhill offer the ideal space for innovators considering traditional office space or remotely located industrial park units. Whether you are walking into the office in a suit or driving out into the field in your overalls, our workshops offer the ideal solution.

Our spaces can be configured to meet your needs, be it to make use of workshop facilities, benefit from cutting-edge collaboration and meeting spaces, conduct research on arable land and livestock or access academic knowledge.

Get to market faster than the competition and scale up fast with a solution that’s tailored to help businesses get ahead.

Professional frontage to help your business stand out and get taken seriously

The business end with vehicle access options directly into your incubation space.


Professional, cutting-edge collaborative working space that exceeds what you’ve come to expect from business facilities.


Access to meeting areas that will impress your business partners just as much as your concepts.


Everything from your own private workshop space with vehicle access to over 1,000 acres of arable farmland.



The units share modern, professional co-working space with lots of light and all the facilities needed for today's innovators to do business.


Collaborative lounge space, perfect for meetings or taking a break with attached kitchen area to grab a bite.


Workshop space directly linked to office units with roller shutter doors to allow machinery to enter.



“Farm491 offers a central location with good links into London, as well as excellent working facilities. Being close to the Royal Agricultural University also gives us opportunities, not least to offer work placements for students, but we also now have room for other volunteers to come and help with the running of PFLA.” Russ Carrington, Development Manager, Pasture-Fed Livestock Association.

“The exclusive access to farming data and support from academics is a major attribute of the enterprise hub and one that attracted me immediately. Farm491 is one of the UK’s most sophisticated and advanced facilities for pioneering agritech research and innovation, helping many start-up businesses, like Stable to flourish and grow.” Richard Counsell, CEO, Stable.

“Farm491 offers wonderful facilities, help, guidance and support to boost your business. In addition, the RAU offers such a wide range of rural understanding and a confidence that questions will be answered in a knowledgeable and helpful way. The accommodation at Farm491 makes you feel welcome and a part of everything going on. I can’t recommend working with Farm491 highly enough and Angela Simkins will make your time a great and worthwhile experience.” Tim Hopkin, Founder, The Land App.

“I made the team aware of the enterprise hub and together we were soon clear on the huge potential that membership could offer our business. Farm491 was the ideal partner to connect us to experts, academics, data as well as the physical work space. In February 2016, we joined as a virtual member and from April 2017 we started to occupy workspace at the Harnhill site to further test and trial our farming solution.” James Wright, Value Creation Director, Multibox.

“I found Farm491 whilst searching for start-up accelerators online; without hesitation, I became a virtual member! Members are given support and benefit hugely from collaboratively working with other members, as well as having access to farmers, business guidance from expert advisers and valuable farming data. Farm491 helps us to refine and grow our business ideas. It is excellent to have the support of Farm491 as Farm-r grows – the future for us is very exciting.” Dan Robinson, Founder, Farm-r.

“I had been looking for support from an agritech start-up and had looked at various incubator facilities across London. None of these had the relevant agricultural connection, knowledge and experience that I was searching for. I then found Farm491. The hub has helped me progress product development and supported in setting-up my business.” Ian Bester, Founder, DiAgriI.



Becoming part of Farm491 couldn’t be simpler, you pay a monthly membership and that’s it.


There’s currently room for your business at the Harnhill Workshops.