Associate to Vice Chairman

Job Title: Associate to Vice Chairman

Employer: Association for Vertical Farming

Closing Date: 29 February, 2020

Salary: Dependent upon experience

If you are looking for a career that may genuinely change the world for the better, and could help provide safe and ethical food supplies for all, then this vacancy might just interest you.

I am looking for an associate to work with me and the association for vertical farming at our facility in Trent Lodge based at the RAU, Cirencester.

I need a person who can think logically and who has vision, imagination, and who genuinely wants to make a difference.

Vertical farming is an excellent way of producing safe high quality produce, but the industry is held back because of lack of innovation, and imagination, I need someone to work with me to change that.

I am looking for someone who:

  • Can be based in Cirencester
  • Has good computer skills
  • An understanding of processes and engineering
  • Someone who listens twice as much as they speak, and who has the humility to learn
  • Can legally work in the UK and be able to travel globally
  • Preferably a good public speaker

The industry is new and has a long way to go, and this is an excellent opportunity for someone to meet and learn from the best in the business. 

The association of vertical farming is a global non -profit with associations and affiliations in the industry and academia across the globe.

The AVF is the heart of the industry, but we need new blood if we are to move on.

 Peter Lane

AVF Vice Chairman,

0751 292 6274



Tel: 0751 292 6274