Data Scientist for Agriculture

Job Title: Data Scientist for Agriculture

Employer: Farm-Hand

Salary: Negotiable with share options

About us:

We are seeking a passionate Data Scientist for Agriculture to help revolutionise the way the 550+ million small-medium holder farmers around the world get connected to solutions (best practices, technology, finance etc.). The agriculture ecosystem is archaic and broken, causing irreversible environmental, economic and social damage. With internet connectivity pervasive in remote areas and Big Data potential, the sector is going through a revolution and Farm-Hand is working at the forefront.

Farmers learn about the cultivation practices, technologies, market linkage solutions that work from those around them. Our vision is to extend this farmer-centric learning and in a transparent manner, democratise access to productive and sustainable farming.

Our core product, the Farm-Hand Platform is a smart farm management and marketplace software for agri-producers that uses field survey, satellite, weather and crop-based data analytics to provide field-specific insights and solution recommendation. Working crop-by-crop, we are building the world’s best yield and resource forecasting models to understand business as usual farming and the impact of different solutions and practices. We aim to be the software and data analytics partner for farming organisations.

We aspire to shift the supply-driven ecosystem that currently works for the input companies/buyers to a demand-driven, open ecosystem that reduces risk and empowers farming organisations and their farmers.

Farm-Hand works on improving farm-to-fork productivity and market connectivity, we impact the following SDGs:

Primary Impact: 

GOAL 1 – No Poverty

GOAL 2 – Zero Hunger

GOAL 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation

GOAL 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy


Secondary Impact:                   

GOAL 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

GOAL 10 – Reduced Inequalities

GOAL 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production

GOAL 13 – Climate Action


Data Scientist for Agriculture role:

The Data Scientist will work with the Head of Analytics, software developers and AI expert to integrate farm meta data, agriculture practices data, satellite and remote sensed data into crop models and highlight data insights for different stakeholders. Knowledge of statistical processes and data extraction is a must, experience with satellite data for agriculture is a plus, and familiarity with smallholder farming and machine learning would be fantastic. The Data Engineer is a key role in which you will inspire, motivate and empower others, building a high-performance, customer-oriented and farmer-first culture. You will be a core member in a purpose-driven, multicultural team who are building a world-class data-science organisation. 

The applicant would be able to join remotely with travel to Edinburgh, UK (data analytics HQ). 

The Data Scientist will be expected to live and breathe data integration into the crop models, work collaboratively with the software development and on-ground field team. The Data Scientist will work at the conjunction of remote sensing, data assimilation and agro-ecosystem modelling and be expected to travel globally, primarily India (when safe to do so!). Like our current team, the Data Scientist should be determined to make a positive impact to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and lives of smallholder farmers!  


Skills and experience:

As Data Scientist, you will work in the data-science team alongside the Head of Analytics and AI expert.

Key role activities include:  
– Extract data from 3rd party data sources and satellite imagery
– Design and implement strategies for remote sensed data collection, mining, analysis and visualisation
– Create algorithms to combine other geo-spatial and remote sensed data e.g. weather data.
– Validate and tune models with in-situ farm data collected.=
– Work with the Head of Analytics, Software Architect and AI Expert to create AI predictive models.
– Work with the Head of Analytics and on-ground team in India to develop crop models around yield forecasting and field resource usage.
– Taking initiative and ownership of tasks and working in an agile framework. 
– Pro-actively participating in the full crop modelling lifecycle 

We are looking for a passionate candidate with experience of applying data analytics for practical actions with specific evidence of transforming complex concepts into simple ones.

Required characteristics/experience/skills: 

– Degree or relevant experience in Computer Science, Data Science/Analysis or Remote Sensing

– Eager to take on responsibility and desire to lead

– Experience in working in cross-functional teams and being a team player

– Motivated for self-development

– Motivated to accelerate sustainable development globally

– Long term view in developing the company

– Strong evidence of first principles analytical thinking

– Experience in time series analysis and predictive analysis

– Strong knowledge of different types of models like static, statistical, mechanistic, deterministic, stochastic, descriptive, explanatory dynamic simulation models

– Able to code models and implement scripts in R or Python

– Experience in agile methodologies and working in scrum teams.

– Passionate and curious about customer discovery, cross-culture engagement and understanding their needs.

– Desire to travel (when the CoVid-19 pandemic is over of course) internationally, primarily to India and see exciting new places in often rural areas.

Preferred characteristics/experience/skills:

– Experience in extracting satellite data for agriculture use (e.g. NDVI, SAVI, LAI etc.)

– Experience with data visualisation 

– Experience in Python machine learning and deep learning libraries

– Success in bringing new products to market

Desired characteristics/experience/skills: 

– Experience in working in developing countries

– Experience in crop modelling

– Knowledge of smallholder farming

– Experience in image processing

– Experience with testing and documentation

At Farm-Hand we aim to build compassionate and responsible relationships with people and the earth, we are do’ers, we are culturally open-minded and are resilient changemakers. We have a close global team and are looking for another partner to join our journey. If you join Farm-Hand you will be in an exciting impact-oriented company leading change in the much needed agriculture sector. If you have the drive and are up for challenges rooted in the hard realities of environmental degradation and increasing hardship for those at the bottom-of-the-pyramid, we look forward to hearing from you!

Please contact CEO, Abhimanyu Bhargava, at for further information if interested in applying.