Company Name: RAW Energy

Summary: Real Asset Wealth (RAW) Energy is a specialist company that owns, consults on, and develops renewable energy assets in the UK and abroad – helping to meet national energy demands and assisting in the transition to a fossil free energy network. RAW Energy is committed to a sustainable energy future.

The Product

RAW Energy develops and manages renewable energy assets and has successfully delivered large-scale projects in Solar, Biomass, Wind, Anaerobic Digestion and Waste to Energy.

The business was founded to bridge the gap between renewable energy projects and investors. Due to previous experience of both developing and financing these projects, RAW Energy has a rare ability to see both sides of a transaction as well as the experience to understand its full requirements. A strong network of institutional investors allows RAW to match developed projects with suitable investors and then provide the transactional skills to close the investments. RAW also develops its own projects in sectors where value and long term opportunities for investors have been identified. These sectors currently include anaerobic digestion, biogas, biomass boilers (heat and CHP) and waste to energy.

The company has established an exceptional network and experience in the renewables sector and can take on asset development at any stage. Its team of expert Developers have helped to deliver hundreds of MW of solar PV schemes both in the UK and Europe – plus AD biomethane projects, domestic and commercial solar installations, as well as large and small scale biomass projects.

RAW Energy has built up a wealth of experience on how renewable assets are developed, financed, operated and sold. Its Consultancy has 4 main areas of expertise (investors, project developers, project owners and project restructuring) and offers guidance in all aspects of the project to see where value can be added.

On working with Farm491 and the RAU:

RAW Energy relocated its Head Office to Farm491’s Trent Lodge in 2016. After outgrowing its existing premises, the business was looking for a new office base, in a central location with good connections into London – where its second office is based. There are now 5 members of the RAW Energy team permanently based at Trent Lodge.

Stuart Homewood says “Trent Lodge at Farm491 provides us with a superb office base and we’re really enjoying being there. The rural setting, yet close connections to London is fantastic for our business – and Farm491’s close ties with the RAU’s network and resources is something we’re looking forward to utilising, particularly in respect of our AD projects.”

Main challenge of being an entrepreneur:

One of the primary challenges faced are changes in government legislation and delays surrounding its subsequent ratification.

Stuart Homewood says; “We struggle with the misconception that fossil fuels do not receive subsidies, when in reality, this is far from the case and even the coal sector, known for being the most polluting, will receive over £130m in subsidy before 2021. Other practical hurdles are typically relating to connections into existing infrastructure and planning applications. In respect of the latter however, whilst still an incredibly slow process, public support for renewables has never been higher. It is an exceptionally rewarding sector in which to work; on the good days!”


RAW Energy won the Farm491 Award for “Innovation in Energy Renewal” in 2016.

Learn more about the 2016 Farm491 Innovation Awards here

Meet the Founder: Stuart Homewood

RAW has been growing since 2012 and has offices in Gloucestershire, London and New Zealand to cover Australasia. The team, made up of 3 Directors, come from a diverse range of backgrounds including finance, agriculture, project development, consultancy, transaction, and investment – providing them with a unique position in the renewable energy sector.

Stuart Homewood is one of the Directors. Following graduation from the RAU, Stuart immediately joined the Low Carbon Group, where for 4 ½ years he developed large-scale solar PV projects under Low Carbon and then its successor Inazin. To date he has notched up over 175MW (880 acres), comprising of over 20 schemes from Cornwall to Lincolnshire, including the UKs first three 5MW solar farms. Stuart specialises in site identification, legal acquisition, planning consent and infrastructure connection. Stuart joined RAW Energy in early 2015 to work in a more diverse environment and to develop a broader range of renewable energy assets.

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