Your IP is too important to not be done properly. To ensure that your IP assets are fully protected and exploited, you need the right partner: Wynne-Jones IP

Farm491 Service Providers are a vital part of the enterprise membership offering. Many businesses are surprised to hear that they have intellectual property (IP) and can protect it legally through obtaining IP rights which can generate a business advantage. Many businesses can lose out on their business advantage if they disclose business ideas such as inventions in the public domain before seeking IP protection.

The value of a business can be transformed by obtaining strong IP rights. IP rights are assets, which can be licenced and sold. Additionally, strong IP rights can be used to stop others from using your intellectual property and gaining an unfair advantage in your market. This highlights the fundamental importance of IP – to ensure assets are fully protected to discourage copying and exploitation of your innovation.

Farm491 is extremely fortunate to have the expertise of Wynne-Jones IP on the Farm491 team. Wynne-Jones IP is a UK based IP firm and provides specialist advice on all aspects of IP protection including trade-marks, patents and designs to ensure our members’ innovations are nurtured and robustly protected. Wynne-Jones IP prides itself on its client care standards and is one of the few firms of UK IP attorneys who carry out independent client service reviews and apply Key Account Management principles.

Vicki Strachan, partner and patent attorney at Wynne-Jones IP said; “Collaborating with Farm491 and its members is extremely exciting, the wealth of innovation taking place at Farm491 is outstanding and it’s clear that Farm491 and its members are leading the way in agritech. Wynne-Jones IP and I look forward to our continued partnership and advising Farm491’s members and seeing their businesses grow and flourish.”

For IP advice relating to your ideas and innovations contact Vicki on 01242 267 600 or