Don’t just take our word for why you should join our ecosystem, hear it from some of our members!

  1. As a Farm491 member we have been able to access a number of opportunities that have really helped to move our business forward. The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association benefits from the networking opportunities and shared facilities that are provided as well as being able to collaborate with academics. Our business benefits from being in a space with other innovators as it allows us to share and bounce around our ideas with people who understand agriculture.

    Russ Carrington, General Manager, Pasture-Fed Livestock Association

  2. Farm491’s expertise in ag-tech and access to farmers in the early stages of Breedr was invaluable to our fundraising round. Since then the on-going support from academic staff and the various events they run has been helpful in product development and marketing.

    Ian Wheal, Founder & CEO, Breedr

  3. Farm491 and its community of like-minded small businesses provides an ideal place to work, grow and develop. It’s provided a stable platform to operate from and served the essential needs of start-ups like RAW Energy in the agri-tech and renewable energy sector – it does well because it’s a great building with great facilities, located beside a great institution. But beyond the basic services, Farm491 has been able to foster a unique ecosystem where connections can emerge between enterprises spontaneously and effortlessly. The space itself with the events that are held there allows for deep and meaningful partnerships to build further and it promotes collaboration among members. This combination of practical excellence and the focus on networking at the workplace helped create the environment that got RAW Energy to where it is today.

    Stuart Homewood, Director, RAW Energy

  4. Farm491 brings both high-quality space and networking opportunities to the South-West region. The centre has been very useful in building partnerships locally, and we’re excited to expand our work with the RAU in the future.

    Charlie Guy, Co-Founder, LettUs Grow

  5. For a micro-business that values research but also needs to grow and develop, like Pentalib, being a member of Farm491 is a no-brainer.  I linked up with a fantastic mentor and suppliers, and I’ve been given some great opportunities to promote Pentalib. But also Farm491 has been there for me on the phone and in person, when I needed help and didn’t know what to do next.

    Sharon Smith, Founder, Pentalib

  6. I made the team aware of the enterprise hub and together we were soon clear on the huge potential that membership could offer our business. Farm491 was the ideal partner to connect us to experts, academics, data as well as the physical work space. In February 2016, we joined as a virtual member and from April 2017 we started to occupy workspace at the Harnhill site to further test and trial our farming solution.

    James Wright, Value Creation Director, Multibox

  7. Farm491 offers wonderful facilities, help, guidance and support to boost your business. In addition, the RAU offers such a wide range of rural understanding and a confidence that questions will be answered in a knowledgeable and helpful way. The accommodation at Farm491 makes you feel welcome and a part of everything going on. I can’t recommend working with Farm491 highly enough and Angela Simkins will make your time a great and worthwhile experience.

    Tim Hopkin, Founder, The Land App

  8. I found Farm491 whilst searching for start-up accelerators online; without hesitation, I became a virtual member! Members are given support and benefit hugely from collaboratively working with other members, as well as having access to farmers, business guidance from expert advisers and valuable farming data. Farm491 helps us to refine and grow our business ideas. It is excellent to have the support of Farm491 as Farm-r grows – the future for us is very exciting.

    Dan Robinson, Founder, Farm-r

  9. I had been looking for support from an agritech start-up and had looked at various incubator facilities across London. None of these had the relevant agricultural connection, knowledge and experience that I was searching for. I then found Farm491. The hub has helped me progress product development and supported in setting-up my business.

    Ian Bester, Founder, DiAgri

  10. The exclusive access to farming data and support from academics is a major attribute of the enterprise hub and one that attracted me immediately. Farm491 is one of the UK’s most sophisticated and advanced facilities for pioneering agritech research and innovation, helping many start-up businesses, like Stable to flourish and grow.

    Richard Counsell, CEO, Stable