New Member Finds Home at Harnhill

The Farm491 team is thrilled to welcome a brand-new member to Farm491; MagGrow will be taking up residency in one of the workshop units at Manor Farm, Harnhill and we’re excited to see their business grow! The business will be using the space for research purposes, providing them with a practical space to put their ideas to the test!

MagGrow is a patented, proprietary technology for droplet formation that yields superior drift reduction of over 70% and spray coverage performance of up to 40% compared to conventional spraying. With a growing global population there is increasing demand on food and water, and MagGrow’s technology is supporting a more sustainable food production system. The company, now employing more than 25 employees, was set up in 2013 and currently operates across three international regions; Canada, USA and Europe – with its Crop Science division taking base at Farm491.

Nick Jessop, MagGrow Head of Crop Science: ‘The new MagGrow facility at Farm491 provides us with an ideal location from which to conduct our field and semi-field trial programme, with the University farm offering an excellent selection of suitable trial sites. MagGrow has previously worked with similar organisations to advance the development of its award-winning technology, such as the Western Growers Innovation Center in Salinas, California, and has always found being surrounded by other innovators in the agricultural sector to be a highly stimulating and rewarding experience. We look forward to developing our relationship with Farm491 and the RAU further in the coming years.”

Dr Ali Hadavizadeh, Farm491 Program Manager, adds; “MagGrow, with their ground breaking innovative and environmentally friendly spraying equipment technologies, sit at the heart of our vision and we are truly privileged to have them base their Crop Science division at one of our workshop units at Harnhill. Welcome on board and we wish you continued success.”