Farm491 on panel for KTN event

In March 2018, the KTN Plant Sector Advisory Board released its pre-competitive vision for the UK’s plant and crop sector. Alongside prioritising research needs, the importance of providing support for “Adopting Innovation” was seen as a priority for industry.

The vision document highlighted desired actions including:

  • Increasing farmer participatory research
  • Encouraging communication and collaboration between scientists and farmers and growers
  • Building capabilities around research or satellite farms

With this challenge in mind, KTN has partnered with the University of Sheffield to host a dedicated event to facilitate engagement between AgriTech companies and end-users.

KTN’s “Supporting Early Adoption of Agri-Tech Innovations” on the 25th June at the University of Sheffield will focus on “Social aspects of improving adoption”, “End user support”, “Case studies; end user interactions” and “Drivers for innovative networks”.

Farm491’s Luke Halsey will be joining the “Case studies; end user interactions” panel and will be discussing the “Adoption of tech from a business perspective”.

The event is free to attend and tickets can be found here.