Ashfords & Farm491 Roundtable: Breaking Down Barriers to Capital in the AgriTech sector

Farm491 and Ashfords are hosting a roundtable discussion around breaking down barriers to capital in AgriTech, with a focus on moving beyond Series A to accelerate growth of the British AgriTech economy. Aimed at investors actively interested in the space, and including case studies of some fast growth AgriTech companies, the discussion will be a small, closed event to try and unlock more funding into the industry, exploring key questions such as:

  • Is there currently enough funding within the UK to support UK AgriTech
  • Profit vs. impact agenda – what’s driving investment?
  • What role could strategic partners be playing in scaling start-ups (ground truthing, R&D, new markets) to help more investors engage with the space?
  • IP vs. adaptation & business model innovation?

About Ashfords

Ashfords is a national provider of legal, professional and regulatory services. Ashfords have leading agriculture and technology practices, and is one of the few law firms that really understands Agritech. Agritech provides solutions to the increasing population and growing environmental concerns such as food security, effectively managing resources and reducing pollution. Whether you are a start-up, corporate or landowner looking to either deploy or invest in Agritech, Ashfords’ multi-disciplinary team can assist you on everything from fundraising and investment, M&A, IP protection, regulation, commercial contracts to employment issues.

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*This is a closed event*