New World Farming – Bristol Tech Festival

Farm491 is launching New World Farming – a call for innovation and rethinking of the problems facing the UK agri-food sector. From nutrient pollution and carbon negative farming to food waste and supply chain traceability, we are interested in new solutions that look to future technologies and how they can influence the agri-food system.

The New World Farming event will be a half-day innovation forum that brings everyone trying to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the agri-food sector together including innovators, technologists, academics, farmers, businesses and non-profits. It will be a place for debate on challenges facing agriculture, and a place for investors gain insight into the latest innovations who could transform the industry.

The event will explore three themes core to Farm491:

  • FARMER EQUITY: Innovation that promotes an equitable supply chain, and future-resilient workforce
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: Methods of food production that regenerate soil and other natural systems
  • FOOD SAFETY & TRACEABILITY: More efficient and resilient methods of food distribution

The event will also include a showcase of presentations by leading innovative businesses.

If you are interested in attending please sign up via Eventbrite here.

Call for businesses to pitch!

If you are an innovator wishing to apply to the showcase please sign-up send an email to with the subject line New World Farming.