Food and Farming Futures Annual Conference

Food and Farming Futures annual conference, “Future Foods: Farming to Improve Health” will take place at The Slate in Warwick on the 25th and 26th November.

Food and Farming Futures and the RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission are jointly working together to put ‘food’ on the farming and science table. An issue in which farmers fear they may have been losing influence.

A current challenge is producing healthy, nutritious, affordable food that can secure long-term health and well-being of people and the planet, all whilst addressing major environmental issues. With attitudes to food ever changing, and new diets on the horizon, a complex set of issues comes forward. This conference seeks to explore these issues, and to find out how agricultural science and innovation can help address and resolve the economic, environmental and societal questions in working towards a more sustainable food system.

The Farm491 sponsored “Innovation from Agri-Food Research” poster competition offers new researchers the opportunity to:

  • Win a first prize of a £1,500 grant (2nd and 3rd prizes may follow).
  • Gain free admission to the Food & Farming Futures conference on Monday 25th November (for the short-listed entrants).
  • Explain their research to approximately 100 agri-food industry-leaders and policy-makers at a major conference.
  • Attend a private business consultation with a business/start-up funding expert at a mutually agreed time and place.

Posters will be judged by a panel drawn from industry and academia who will consider the quality of the research and innovation, its relevance to future agri-food, the understanding of the science within it, the clarity of communication of the idea or concept and the design of the poster.

Please email to receive the link to the online application form.

Find out more about the conference here and secure your place!