Female Founder – Linda Woodford, Axichain

Female Founder Linda Woodford talks to Farm491 this International Women’s Day about Axichain who are on a mission to simplify the global supply chain. 

How did you come to be working in the agricultural/agritech sector?

I came across agriculture in the early stage of the tech development for our supply chain systems I was introduced  to the red meat supply chain probably one of the oldest and most disjointed supply chains.

What is your current role and what made you choose it?

I’m the founder and CEO of AXIchain – my mission is to solve supply chain systems around the world targeting support for SMEs  introducing growers click of the button type processes to access local and international markets with ease incorporating transparency and traceability not just of the product but of the trade itself.

What do you find particularly rewarding about working in the sector?

Supply chains in this sector particularly Cattle is very complex – a giant jigsaw puzzle – good thing I love jigsaw puzzles and figuring them out. There are so many moving parts and entities and people involved and the people are all down to earth. I like to win and I like to figure out how to make things work, I am a problem solver at heart.  

In your opinion, are there any barriers to women entering the rural/agricultural/agritech sector? If so, what are they and how do you feel you have overcome them?

I think woman are everywhere in agriculture and many support their husbands, managing the money and the books. I think most wives know down to the cent what the budget is. Coming from tech has been a little different where it is fairly male dominated particularly in the areas of trade, finance and abattoirs. To me personally I was brought up with 3 brothers, so I find working with men, kind of normal and if anyone does look at me sideways for being in the room, I don’t see it or feel it… I am on a mission and that supports everyone male and female across the board to get a job done, to make life easier and cheaper – and potentially make more money for stakeholders of the supply chain by improving inefficiencies and removing disjointed legacy processes.

What advice would you give to women looking to start a career in the sector?

It is the most diverse sector and my suggestion would be strap on your boots or heels and go for it, the world is changing – I find if you ask a lot of questions of the producers  and all stakeholders of the supply chain, they respect that no matter the gender.