A website and mobile app, – reinventing how food producers and consumers connect. Batchseed will help producers justify the value of their produce and sell direct to consumers in a new and exciting way.

The Product

Consumers are increasingly concerned with knowing where their food has come from, with ‘provenance’ and ‘traceability’ being buzz words today. Knowing the provenance of food cannot always be easy – and buying local does not always guarantee you’ll understand the exact origin of that produce and its story.

Batchseed aims to offer greater engagement when it comes to understanding food provenance. Producers can list their product on the website/app, update and share their story – for instance on origin, region, rearing, breed, feed and how this will impact on taste. Consumers can engage online with a producer and opt to buy into a batch of a certain product and they can watch as that animal, produce, crop develops and share in its journey. This adds value to the final product by providing it with an important back story. Knowing where meat was reared, how it was reared, the breed of animal and what it was fed, will always make that meat taste much better! By understanding more about the product, consumers are investing in produce with a story and this ecommerce platform is helping to bridge the gap between producer and consumer.

The app and website is the technology which connects everyone together. From the producer’s perspective, they gain secured commitment and price from the start, and consumers can enjoy the best prices on quality produce, understand where their food has come from, share in that production journey and importantly, help to support British farmers.

There is a new generation of shoppers who have grown up with online relationships and will trust in return for transparency. Batchseed aims to become the platform where these relationships and direct connections happen between shoppers and farmers.

On working with Farm491:

Batchseed has joined the Farm491 agritech community as a virtual member. Leo said;

“It really is an exciting time for agritech and there is a real buzz about food and farming. With its valuable farming connection and networking potential, Farm491 provides us with a platform to meet specialist advisors as well as potential producers.”

Main challenge of being an entrepreneur:

“As a brand-new concept and business, launching and getting the idea off the ground is always a challenge. Currently there are similar models in other sectors, but this concept is new to food on mass market. The next obstacle for Batchseed is raising awareness of the website and educating both producers and consumers about the mutual benefits of sharing in this new way of trading. Social media style tools will play a fundamental role in communicating product updates and increasing brand profile, and will become an important aspect of the business.”