CRM AgriCommodities

CRM AgriCommodities provides independent analysis and market intelligence to agricultural businesses exposed to the volatility of commodity markets.  

Working particularly with grain and oilseed growers across Europe, but also processors and investment managers, CRM AgriCommodities delivers market insights, training and consultancy to support businesses of all sizes to make better informed decisions, managing risk and maximising the value of the commodities they buy or sell.  

The Product

Seeing that commodity market participants do not always have the time to analyse and understand global markets, CRM AgriCommodities was set up in 2015 by Royal Agricultural University (RAU) alumni James Bolesworth, who has worked in global agricultural markets for over 10 years. 

Global commodity markets are evolving and changing all the time,” says James. “They have huge impact on growers and end users of the commodities, but they don’t always have the time to analyse and understand what is creating volatility, where markets might be heading or how to manage these risks. For example, if the conditions are right for soybeans, what does this mean for oilseed rape? We are constantly looking at global stock as well as other indicators levels and interpreting what this means in 6-12 months. By using our insights, businesses can concentrate on growing crops or producing other food, and we can help them with strategies and market intelligence. They feel more confident and in control of their businesses, which is becoming ever more important as the grains and oilseeds market become more volatile and less predictable. 

Independent and delivering insights to subscribers in 48 countries, the CRM AgriCommodities team produces regular opinion-based market intelligence in an easily digestible format, as well as offering training in hedging and risk management, strategic advice and bespoke consultancy services. 

CRM AgriCommodities also works with specialist partners including weather experts and organisations using Artificial Intelligence to better predict markets, as well as developing strong relationships with partners in notoriously untransparent regions such as China. 

The team creates research reports based on reliable data; and with experience in market and sector analysis, trading, data modelling, and risk management advice, CRM AgriCommodities also provides a wide range of advisory services to institutions and asset managers who are directly or indirectly exposed to agricultural markets.  

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