Ekogea manufactures and sells a BioComplex additive derived from natural, marine algae that improves microbial performance by speeding up and enhancing natural biology.

The Product

Ekogea’s natural, Organic certified, sustainable and innovative formulas include applications for:

  • Human health
  • Animal health (feed and animal housing sanitisation)
  • Field crops and controlled-environment farming
  • Biogas plant/waste water treatment

Ekogea’s BioComplex additives provide microbial performance enhancement, improving health and the environment, process efficiency and profit margins for a diverse client base.

Ekogea BioComplex has a range of proprietary liquid and granulate formulations. High in short-chain oligosaccharides, it acts as a Pre-biotic, it facilitates Cation Exchange and supports Competitive Exclusion (crowding out pathogens in vivo or on farms generally).  BioComplex is unique, organic and with a 12.5pH level, has a long shelf life until diluted.  It is proving to add 20%+ performance gains versus conventional biology’s in a range of sectors including animal health (especially pigs and poultry), crops, anaerobic digestion and wastewater treatment. 

The product is 100% concentrated polyuronic extracts from marine algae (Ascophyllum Nodosum) sustainably grown around the Island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.  It is Biodynamic Association certified and FEMAS certified.

The key benefit is that BCx is a natural sustainably produced product, which Ekogea can supply into the farming sector to replace more damaging and non-environmentally friendly products. For example, it could reduce ammonia, reduce antibiotics, reduce the use of chemical fertilisers, reduce time frames for sewage treatment or composting and increase gas outputs from AD plants, which can help a business to reduce its carbon footprint.

The product typically arrives in two or ten litre sealed recyclable plastic containers or in 1,000 litre IBCs, and is used in significantly diluted form. Ekogea offer free consultations to help customers maximise their return on investment, and to help them understand how best to utilise the powerful performance benefits in the most commercially effective way.

Ekogea is set to become a leading name in the AgriTech sector, with its ability to add to a circular economy. Winning “World’s Best Biogas Plant – 2019” award from ADBA and strong UK sales has set Ekogea up for solid growth in the years ahead.

Main challenge of being an entrepreneur

Ian Cain, UK Director, finds time management is the main challenge. He commented, “Ekogea works with a diverse and varied list of clients in multiple sectors, so it can often feel like we have a lot of balls to juggle! It is crucial to our operations to keep assessing our priorities, and delivering on clients’ needs. Another challenging aspect of our business is encouraging customers to try something completely new. We know it can have transformative effects on processes and profits, but it is no easy feat to convince companies who have operated in the same way for many years to take a leap of faith in to something brand new.”

On working with Farm491

Ian Cain said, “We were introduced to Farm491 through one of their events. Our membership has given us access to a plethora of resources, and allowed us to connect to other businesses in the AgriTech sector.

“AgriTech is becoming an increasingly important sector – both commercially and environmentally. Farming and businesses need to keep striving to be better, more efficient, more ‘green’ and uphold Britain’s status as a world-leader in this regard. Working with organisations such as Farm491 can help UK businesses achieve this goal.”