Innovation Beehive

The Innovation Beehive seeks to release the creative potential of people at work, through innovative consulting projects and cutting-edge innovation training. 


The Innovation Beehive accelerates the potential of people and organisations to deliver for their customers. They focus on innovation, culture, and leadership in uncertain and challenging times. Their target audience are people engaged in finding creative solutions to problems, and HR and L&D leaders who seek to build the capability of their people to deliver innovation or nurture growth.

Their process and methodology is cross-industry in its scope, but it is particularly relevant to agriculture and the food supply chain as it is about focusing on the end-user. This is important to consider at every stage of the process. 

Since being founded in 2008 they have grown to work with some of the world’s leading companies in multiple sectors including Google, Trust Ford, BP, Lloyds Banking Group, and McDonald’s. They aspire to continue their growth and acceleration of potential within more organisations.

Main challenge of being an entrepreneur

Mok says that the highs are higher and the lows are lower, he commented, “As an entrepreneur you can face precarious financial security, red tape, regulation and legislation – which can cost you time and money. You have to constantly move from strategic thinking to operational execution. Convincing others to help you to realise your vision can be tiring. The responsibility of the business’ success is on your shoulders, even if you have a team, they are delivering on your vision so it is down to you if it fails. But there are many, many upsides. You are living your individual purpose, delivering on your ideas and doing the work you love. You are making a difference – you are not just a cog in a wheel, and if you get it right, your idea can have positive impact on the world. You build resilience skills and have to pivot to respond to market challenges – this can help you personally as well as being an essential entrepreneur skill. You are the master of your own destiny – it is exciting and empowering.”

On working with Farm491

Joe Nagle, Innovation Director, said, “We initially joined the growth hub at Farm491, and got to know the team. After around a year, the fit between our work in innovation in multiple sectors and Farm491’s work in AgriTech became ever more obvious so we became members. We joined to help us continue to grow and to be part of a network of innovators. We want AgriTech entrepreneurs to look to macro trends and shifts in the market. In the same way that tech entrepreneurs identify a user need and develop around it, we feel there is so much untapped potential value in the whole food supply chain.”