Knight’s Beekeeping

Knight’s Beekeeping was founded by Martin Knight in 2021 with the mission to pollinate the UK and help rebuild its declining natural biodiversity.

Having successfully managed over 120 hives across various businesses in the South West including Calcot Manor Hotel and Spa, The Wave, The Pig Hotel and Bicester Village Martin recognised the impact Knights Beekeeping would have to a wider audience.  Martin teamed up with Amy Stobie who is a Director of the business and provides Marketing expertise to develop Knights Beekeeping to support businesses on a national scale. Our mission is to pollinate the UK by managing a series of apiaries teaming with not only honey bees but a whole variety of wildlife supporting ecosystems and helping to support biodiversity.  

The Product

Knight’s Beekeeping gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to keep their own bees in apiaries throughout the UK, where they can be looked after as they pollinate the local area, creating an interconnected network of flourishing biodiversity across the country.

Since the 1970s, the UK has lost almost half of its natural biodiversity. Habitat loss, climate change, toxic pesticides and disease continue to threaten our wildlife, with honey bees one of the species most severely affected. In fact, a third of the UK’s honey bees have disappeared in that time, and 24% of bee populations in Europe are now facing extinction.

In playing such a key role pollinating the world’s crops, plants and flowers, honey bees are vital for maintaining our ecosystem, and their loss would have a huge impact on our biodiversity, food supply and the beautiful natural environment we enjoy around us.

We believe it’s our duty, therefore, to do everything we can to protect these populations for the benefit of our planet for years to come.

Once customers have chosen their plan and the number of hives they would like, we take care of the rest.

Our apiaries are a haven for pollinators, set within acres of diverse countryside so your bees are able to fly freely and do what they do best. On top of this, we’re constantly working to create the best possible environment for your bees and the local wildlife to thrive, from giving the land back to nature in rewilding projects to the creation of safe new habitats for native and under threat species.

Members receive delicious honey produced by their bees (we ensure we leave plenty of honey in the hive to keep the  bees happy and healthy!).  Members are also invited to experience days where they along with their employees  get the chance to suit up and see the bees up close in action and learn all about the fascinating workings of the colony, as well as receiving regular content and updates on all the goings-on in and around the hives.  We know that the benefit to our members’ employees connecting with the bees is really impactful from a wellbeing perspective.  The world feels like a challenging place sometimes and it’s hard to know how one person can make a change to support our climate and thankfully with Knights Beekeeping our members and their employees get to do so.

If you’d like to learn more about what Knight’s Beekeeping can offer you, check out our website and get in touch today!