Company Name: CRM AgriCommodities

Summary: Maximising profits through strategic grain marketing. CRM AgriCommodities is a leading independent provider of grain trading advice and strategies. Its mission is to remove the uncertainty that surrounds grain marketing and improve the results of buyers and sellers of grains and oilseeds.

The Product

CRM AgriCommodities is an independent grain marketing advisor helping agribusinesses manage price risk and secure a strong financial performance in an increasingly volatile market. The team provide clients with data analysis on market trends and prices, with selling and buying recommendations, and market opinion reports. They have also developed software to assist with managing market risk and making better informed decisions.

The most significant variable to the profitability of agricultural businesses today is volatile commodity markets. CRM AgriCommodities realise the importance of this and therefore focus on analysing and managing strategies on their behalf so they can make justified decisions and know that their strategy is being professionally managed from one year to the next, whilst keeping them involved with the decision making process along the way. The aim is to provide clients with unbiased, clear, simple trading strategies and information that develop their knowledge and understanding of markets.

CRM AgriCommodities hold a unique position within the market place, with totally independent views and all recommendations being made in the best interest of those they are advising. The team work closely with arable farmers, feed compounders, consultants, and livestock units. By analysing and monitoring markets using tools they have developed, CRM AgriCommodities can help farmers understand current and future trends to allow them to manage price risk – and ultimately smoothing out the significant vagaries in margins seen by agribusinesses.

On working with Farm491:

James Bolesworth said; “We have joined the Farm491 agritech community as a virtual member – our Head Office is based in Cambridge. With a growing client base in the South and West, we saw this partnership as an excellent platform to reach out to current and prospective clients; it allows us to keep growing and to provide the best service possible to our clients”.

Main challenge of being an entrepreneur:

Markets are fast moving and quickly evolving and none more so than commodities, CRM AgriCommodities, like their clients are constantly having to adapt and develop new strategies and techniques to remain competitive. In the UK, which has a very traditional approach to grain marketing, the level of understanding towards market tools can be a challenge.CRM AgriCommodities aims to educate people on how to implement and manage grain marketing strategies. The grain market is continually evolving and no day is ever the same.

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Meet the Founders: Benjamin Bodart and James Bolesworth

CRM AgriCommodities was set up in 2014 by Ben and James after a group of farmers approached them looking to take control of their grain marketing and wanting bespoke, professional advice.

Ben has worked in grain marketing and risk management, working with some of the UK and Europe’s largest arable and livestock operations, as well as co-operatives and commercial grain processors.

In 2008, following his MSc degree in Agricultural Economics, Ben started working with arable/livestock businesses, food processors, merchants and cooperatives.

James also has extensive experience in the global commodity markets, working in the sector advising agribusinesses on price risk management and grain trading strategies. He holds a Level 4 Investment Advice Diploma (Derivatives), which enables him to provide advice on commodity markets and trading strategies.

He is passionate about helping others understand the markets and how they can better perform and manage volatility.

James’ interest began during his degree at the RAU where he undertook extensive research projects into US corn and ethanol markets.