CyNam Agritech Workshop

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  • Venue: The Alliston Centre, Farm491 HQ
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CyNam are running a project with partners at Configured Things, Hartpury and Farm491 to explore how the cyber sector can work with and support AgriTech companies as they bring data intensive technology to the food supply chain. As part of this work, they are looking to identify the current threats to the agricultural industry and the technology and processes needed within the industry to help mitigate these risks. CyNam are seeking input from cyber security companies working in the threat analysis space to contribute to the conversation.
The overall aim of the session is to provide the farming community with insight into how to do threat analysis, and for the cyber team to understand where their products might apply in this part of the AgriTech data model.
If you would like to join the workshop (or think one of your colleagues would), please RSVP to and CC in the following email addresses: