Webinar Series – Insights for Agri-Innovation: The Innovation Beehive

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Thinking innovatively is a skill that entrepreneurs must master to be able create a dynamic and forward-thinking business.

Dates for the series are:

  1. 24th April at 10:30am
  2. 28th April at 10:30am
  3. 1st May at 10:30am

In this three module interactive course you will understand how an adaptive approach to innovation, along with a deeper understanding of the landscape, people and challenges you face will help you to develop a stronger proposition. You will get a range of practical tools to take away and use.

This course is entirely online, and each session feeds in to the next. It is therefore advisable to attend all three. Each is 90 minutes long, highly interactive, and you will need access to a computer with working camera and microphone.

Module 1:

Innovator’s Profile: Identifying your Innovation Thinking Preferences and Strengths

  • Understand how mindset impacts on every stage of the entrepreneur’s journey
  • Be able to leverage Profile Strengths in order to operate more effectively at each stage of the creative and entrepreneurial process
  • Practical application of the Profile to each entrepreneur’s idea

Module 2:

Deep Dive Insight Gathering: Identifying needs, markets, customers, and opportunities for activating ideas and developing new solutions

  • Be equipped with a range of insight gathering tools and techniques to either gather more insight to apply to their existing idea, or to create opportunity platforms for future ideas
  • Practical applications of these tools to their existing ideas in session and action planning to implement the tools to improve their pitch, refine their ideas, or develop new ones

Module 3:

Overview of Design Thinking: A Methodology for Ideas Generating

  • Understand the process of Design Thinking and how to use it to improve ideas and investment cases
  • Recognise how to leverage the Innovator’s Profile at the different stages of the process
  • Action planning on how to embed the process into their business building

About The Innovation Beehive

The Innovation Beehive works with some of the world’s leading organisations to help release their creative potential. Our clients work with us to solve business and people challenges, as well as embed innovation and creativity into their ways of working. We’d love the opportunity to help you see how we can help you to unlock the power of innovation for your business, so feel free to explore our previous work.

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