Why AgriTech firms need to worry about hackers and what you can do today

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The recent JBS ransomware attack in the US made the entire agricultural sector sit up and realise that nobody is immune to cyber attacks. As our CEO, Nadia Kadhim, recently said in the Farmer’s Guardian whilst a firm like JBS can absorb the cost and downtime associated with an attack like this, the impact for a smaller business could be catastrophic.

Join the Naq Cyber CTO, Chris Clinton, in this practical session on what AgriTech businesses can do to protect themselves, their clients and the critical agricultural supply chain.

Bio: Naq Cyber, the first cyber security member of Farm491, is an NCSC affiliated startup providing a complete GDPR and cyber security service to SMEs. The presenter in this session will be Chris Clinton, an expert in cyber security who has worked to protect some of the world’s most critical systems. With this expertise, he will explain how hackers can affect AgriTech startups and what they can do to protect themselves.