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Farm491 Website Redesign – Invitation to Quote


Farm491, based at the Royal Agricultural University, is a leading AgriTech membership organisation, incubator and innovation space for entrepreneurs.

It’s called Farm491 because, as well as providing high-spec facilities created to foster entrepreneurship, ideas generation and collaboration, it includes 491 hectares of Cotswold Farmland for research and testing.

Farm491 is offering start up space at the RAU’s main campus in Cirencester (Trent Lodge), a range of on farm workshops (Harnhill Workshops) and at a state of the art incubation hub opened in 2018 (The Alliston Centre). These are affordable and flexible working environments where aspiring AgriTech entrepreneurs can launch and grow their businesses into sustainable ventures.

Farm491 currently operates as a membership organisation and with increased facilities and activities we need to broaden the quality and depth of our reach in the AgriTech startup, UK SME and global ecosystem.

In addition to facilities, Farm491 also runs an ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) funded project called Inspiring AgriTech Innovation Programme  to support AgriTech initiatives, entrepreneurs and SMEs with business knowledge and skills to help them to launch and scale their young start-ups to long term sustainable ventures.

The website was launched in 2016 at the very early stages of the organisation. It is a Word Press platform (and would need to remain so) and is hosted by the University’s approved platform Surpic.

Since its launch a large amount of content has been added periodically to the site and as such it would benefit from a restructure and refresh to ensure the best user experience. No content creation will be necessary during the project. This quote is for the redesign of the website only, on-going maintenance will be performed in-house.

Shortlisted companies would be required to visit the Farm491 HQ in Cirencester to present some ideas for a ‘new look’ Farm491 website.

Deadline: 22nd March 2019.

To submit a quote or to discuss this further, please contact Verity Payne, Farm491 Centre Manager Tel 01285 889923.