Invitation to quote as Lead Content Delivery Partner for ERDF funded Inspiring AgriTech Innovation Programme 2 day bootcamps at Farm491 – Programme ends June 2020

Executive Summary

Farm491, is AgriTech Business Incubator of the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) was set up in 2016 and is a space for AgriTech entrepreneurs and innovators to grow their businesses by applying technology into agriculture.

It’s called Farm491 because, as well as providing high-spec facilities created to foster Entrepreneurship, ideas generation and collaboration, it includes 491 hectares of Cotswold Farmland for research and testing.

Farm491 is offering start up space at the RAU’s main campus in Cirencester (Trent Lodge), a farm based Innovation Centre at nearby Harnhill Farm and at a state of the art incubation hub “The Alliston Centre” opening in July 2018 – these are affordable and flexible office, workshop and co-working environments where aspiring Agri-Tech entrepreneurs can launch and grow their businesses into sustainable ventures.

Farm491 currently operates as a membership organisation and has a comprehensive web presence used as the main point of contact with a  likeminded community outside the RAU. With increased facilities and activities we need to broaden the quality and depth of our reach in the AgriTech start up and SME UK and global ecosystem.

In addition to the physical facilities, Farm491 is also running an ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) funded project called Inspiring AgriTech Innovation Programme to support AgriTech initiatives, entrepreneurs and SMEs with business knowledge and skills to help them to launch and scale their young start-ups to long term sustainable ventures. To support the objectives of this programme, we have devised a series of two day boot-camps, to run every other month and we are looking for an individual or company with knowledge and experience of delivering start up support, preferably in AgriTech area, to take the lead role in organising and delivering content for these boot-camps.

We have successfully run two boot-camps to date with a core emphasis on investor readiness learning.  The structure over the course of the previous boot-camps was as follows:

  1. Sign in and Introduction
  2. Introduction to AgriTech Entrepreneurship
  3. Identifying the need ( The Market) and defining the value proposition
  4. Management, Leadership and Metrics
  5. Business Structures and Financial Fundamentals
  6. Resources available to set up and Manage an AgriTech Start-up

The two days also included activities such as delegates working on a general and their own Business Model Canvas, presenting their proposition initially to the group and finally to a panel as well as listening to guest speakers.

The above structure is not set in stone and can be tweaked to suit your strength.

Closing date – 20th July 2018.

To submit a quote or to discuss this further, please contact Ali Hadavizadeh, Farm491 Program Manager Tel 01285 889829