The AEA is a trade association representing manufacturers and importers of agricultural machinery and outdoor equipment (horticulture, professional and leisure grass care, and forestry).

We operate in two divisions:

  • The Farm Equipment Council and
  • The Outdoor Power Equipment Council

Benefits of membership

The AEA encourages its members to be actively engaged and participate in its work.

It is only by constant interchange that the AEA can be truly representative and it is for this reason it focuses resources on offering and facilitating added value products and services for members. No matter what their scale of business, the AEA wants members to value their Association and its objectives and to recognise what is done on their behalf.

The AEA wishes members to appreciate the value of meeting other members in non-commercial yet relevant forums, and to participate in the AEA’s democratic and social structure and activities.

Membership contributions

Membership contributions are based upon a turnover declaration that is sent out every other year so that the turnover declaration is valid for a two year cycle. We offer two payment options:

  • Annually by cheque
  • Quarterly or monthly by direct debit

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