For those of you with businesses that believe you might have a chance of raising angel investment, crowdfunding or approaching investment funds, we’ve just come across something that might be of interest to you and might help you actually make a stronger investment case to those that invest into companies.

It’s an investment readiness process that only takes around 15 minutes and has been put together by someone who worked in the start investment landscape. Not only does it help startup founders see how strong their deal might or might not be from an investment perspective but it also give lots of valuable investment related help and guidance.

Also, for those of you that are wondering what might be a typical valuation for a company of your stage and sector, then there is a helpful and simple valuation benchmarking tool. Do feel free to give it a try using the link that follows, as we have been given free access to the tool and the promise of individual follow-up and input for any companies that use it in the next one month (just let us know when you have done so).”

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