IMSM are your ISO Standards Specialists – Servicing clients across a wide range of business sectors in 6 continents and operating in 20 different countries, IMSM deliver full implementation, consultancy, training and support on various ISO standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001. We operate on a totally fixed fee approach, making us well suited to start-ups and small businesses. Having helped over 15,000 companies attain ISO standards, we are ready to help you reap the benefits of holding these prestigious standards.

ISO is an international standard that allows companies bid on larger business, streamline and properly document their procedures, and importantly for organisations in those crucial start up years, provide scalable and manageable growth. Holding an ISO standard is a key indicator to potential investors that the company is properly managed and structured.

Our Approach;

Flexibility and adaptability: IMSM attains a clear understanding and appreciation of the client’s business and look to remove all unnecessary bureaucracy from management systems. Each management system package is tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements and is designed to add value to all of the client’s business activities.

Advice and assistance: IMSM is involved in the development and implementation of systems, including preparation of documentation and forms. IMSM assists with the development of procedures for management review, internal auditing and staff training and identify areas within the management system where improvements can be made. 

The Consultant

IMSM employs highly skilled, experienced and qualified Consultants that are able to assist in multiple management systems, including the introduction of integrated systems as well as audit capabilities.

Farm491 Members benefit from a local consultant to guide them through the process, free initial consultation and a free marketing service. James Slade, based at our Malmesbury, Wilts Head Office, will be happy to hear from you with any questions you may have about ISO – or 07384 817589.