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PwC are passionate about startup and scaleups – We understand your needs. We get your ambition. We want to go on the journey with you.

We offer the following solutions;

My Financepartner – My Financepartner is PwC’s tailored accounting service for ambitious start-ups and fast growing businesses that demand more. Unlike most accountants, our service is designed to work as an extension to your existing finance team or, if you’d prefer, as an alternative to hiring one at all.

Nifty R&D – Nifty R&D is a PwC-powered online tool that helps small businesses apply for Research & Development Tax Credits in the UK. Or, put differently, it’s an opportunity for your business to receive additional cash, really easily. You just need to register an account with us and answer a few simple questions. We’ll review and then complete the claim.

Scale-up Programmes – During 10 weeks of working closely with you, we’ll give you access to a pipeline of new customers, new channels to market and the full benefit of our extensive network.

Raise Investment – Raise Investment is a face-to-face service to help scale-ups like you give yourselves the best chance of securing Series A funding (£1m-£10m and beyond) by making sure you’re investor ready, introducing you to venture capital firms and Family Officers and working with you to help you get the terms that’s right for you and your business.


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