RPD International

Your End-to- End New Product Development Partner

RPD International provides an efficient end-to- end solution to help corporate businesses and start-ups develop new products from concept to market. Our services help you from early innovation, through development and testing, into consumer testing on to manufacturing. RPD operates from offices in London, Amsterdam and Shenzhen – with 120 factories in the supply chain.

Our highly skilled engineering team in the UK provide centralised project management, controlling a network of people and factories globally. Whilst newly opened Amsterdam runs and operates projects for European clients.

Facilities in China give RPD the control and reliability from Asian suppliers – providing on-site management and a complex audit process to ensure sustainability.

RPD are passionate about helping businesses bring new ideas to reality and aims to reduce the time and risk in bringing products to market, providing a scalable platform from concept to supply chain.

“We try to work alongside universities and organisations such as the Royal Academy of Engineering to help growing businesses grow and compete with the world’s largest companies. As a company, our goals all lead to accelerating innovation – to see how fast the world can truly move.” – Josh Valman, CEO RPD International

For more information, please visit; www.rpdintl.com or call Sarah Badrick, Business Development Director on tel: 020 3745 7043