The Inspiring AgriTech Innovation Programme

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The Inspiring AgriTech Innovation Programme is part financed by GFirst LEP and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to provide business support to AgriTech innovators, startups and existing AgriTech enterprises in Gloucestershire which have the potential to create jobs and wealth at local and national levels.

D0elivered via online sessions, the IAI programme aims to help AgriTech start-ups, or those looking to enter the AgriTech market, to take a step back from their day to day activities and develop a robust business plan with a clear vision in how you will disrupt or assist the agricultural industry.

What does the Inspiring AgriTech Innovation Programme deliver?

The programme offers 12 hours of fully funded support. During the workshops you will develop:

  • A customer value proposition
  • A set of interview questions for potential customers
  • A number of hypotheses to test and challenge
  • A business model canvas
  • A lean business canvas, including strategies to take the business forwards
  • The foundations of an elevator pitch
  • An understanding of prototyping, pretotyping and MVPs
  • An understanding of the different forms of funding options available to grow your business

Who should join the programme?

The IAI programme is open to any Gloucestershire-based business who is focused on the future of food and farming, or wants to explore it as a potential market.

Due to the programme being fully funded by ERDF, there are a few requirements for participants:

  • Must have a registered business in Gloucestershire.
  • Must not have already exceeded the De Minimis State Aid limit (this programme falls under De Minimis State Aid). The limit for De Minimis is €200K over any rolling three year period for any one business.
  • There are a few forms required to fill out prior to taking part in the programme.


“A gem of a workshop: thoroughly engaging and game-changing. Extremely helpful frameworks, anecdotes and advice. Much appreciated and enjoyed.”

“I think the course was very well organised and was particularly happy with the small group numbers because it really gave us an opportunity to ask questions and take advantage of your wealth of knowledge.”


I can find templates online, what makes the programme special?
The delivery of the IAI programme makes it an exciting network to be a part of. The group sizes are kept purposefully small to ensure you each get bespoke feedback and support. The content is tailored to the group and we can be as interactive as you would like. Many of our participants have found the group to be a great sounding board, and some have even stayed in touch after the programme to collaborote on projects

I only have an idea – can I take part?
Yes, as long as you have registered your business in Gloucestershire via Companies House

I am part of a well-established business, would this be too basic for me?
We have had a range of different stage businesses join the programme. From those with an idea through to those with 100 employees. No matter your stage or size, the programme will give you a fresh perspective on key business tools and also give you time away from your day-to-day activities to really focus on developing your business plan

Do I have to pay?
No, the programme is fully funded under the European Regional Development Fund. The type of funding is De Minimis State Aid – this will be explained to you further if you successfully apply

For any further questions please email