Harnhill Workshops

The ultimate combination of collaborative working space & workshop facilities.

Located just outside of Cirencester, our Harnhill Workshops offer you the choice to conduct your business within professional office space, contemporary meeting areas, functional workshops or managed farming systems – these workshops scale to suit small businesses and upward.

Five Cutting-Edge Workshops

To grow your business you require the ideal conditions and flexibility. That can mean you need facility to test your products, services, and concepts in a real world environment. Our workshops at Harnhill offer the ideal space for innovators considering traditional office space or remotely located industrial park units. Whether you are walking into the office in a suit or driving out into the field in your overalls, our workshops offer the ideal solution.

Our spaces can be configured to meet your needs, be it to make use of workshop facilities, benefit from cutting-edge collaboration and meeting spaces, conduct research on arable land and livestock or access academic knowledge.

Get to market faster than the competition and scale up fast with a solution that’s tailored to help businesses get ahead.