Agri Conn

A mobile app designed to connect farmers and consumers, grow their networks and eliminate the middlemen. The app is aimed to encourage farmers to sell their produce and market through Agri Conn to gain customer trust, loyalty and retention.

The Product

It can be debated that the global mobile penetration has seen a robust growth of mobile commerce applications (apps). The digital world that we are living in has transformed the way people interact and conduct business.

Agri Conn is an app designed to connect farmers, service providers, manufacturers and consumers to make their marketing lives easy. The app will be used to connect farmers to consumers and vice-versa to help them find products and services of their interest, on the go. The app aims to solve marketing problems and help farmers promote their products in a timely manner. All produce and location details will be captured on registration with an option to add or remove products and services according to availability or changes in business strategies. The app gets farmers, market vendors, small stores, pubs and restaurants to reach buyers in their local areas and even customise deliveries to suit the buyer’s needs.

The app has been designed with three main benefits in mind. Firstly, to save farmers and consumers time, which is usually lost through searching for products and information on browsers. It aims to eliminate the time spent by users going through many different pages and websites to get the best prices and find the nearest service providers to them. The app will also save both parties’ money due to their time efficiency saving. Farmers will make themselves known, what produce they have, what services can be offered, preventing loss of money through perishables, out of date products and longer storage periods. The app is also designed in an extremely user-friendly way. Farmers will upload a list of their current products, prices and quantities. This makes it easy for consumers to search their desired products, find nearest suppliers and then contact suppliers directly through the app or a phone call.

Agri Conn is one of the few agricultural marketing apps that utilises social media to give businesses a wider reach to their customers. The app can also be used as a search engine due to links with Google where users can be directed to their search interests and provided with some recommendations.

On working with Farm491 and the RAU

“I was introduced to Farm491 after I submitted my business idea to the Enterprise Society at the RAU. Enterprise thought my idea would be something that Farm491 would be interested in and be able to help with. Farm491 has introduced me to new contacts, provided expert advice and product prototyping. I have been working closely with Gavin of Glideology, one of Farm491’s service providers – his guidance has been hugely valuable and has enabled me to take the app from conception to developmental stage.”

Main challenge of being an entrepreneur

“One of the main challenges is finding the funding for product development. It is difficult to find investors or funders who will believe in a product and see the potential of it.”

Meet the Founder: Tapiwa Gunundu

Tapiwa was born in Zimbabwe and moved to England in 2006. He came from an agricultural background having completed a Diploma in Agriculture at Gwebi Agriculture College (Zimbabwe) in 2001. He covered Agriculture Engineering, Crop production, Animal Production and Agri-Business Management – and has worked as an Agricultural Engineering Technician with the Ministry of Agriculture in Zimbabwe.

Tapiwa furthered his education with an Honours Degree in Business, Management and Marketing at the University of Worcester before completing a Masters Degree in Agricultural Technology and Innovation at the Royal Agricultural University. The idea of developing this app was inspired by his research project during his Masters to find a technological solution that would benefit the wider agricultural industry.