Since inception, Farm491 has steadily increased its membership inline with offering increased capacity and resources. Some of those members have quickly grown to the point they no-longer need ongoing support.



Vidacycle have created simple systems so you can use your smartphone, paired with electronic tags, to quickly and easily monitor your soils, fruits, vines and more on your farm.

Rothamsted Enterprises

Key to agriculture having a positive global impact, will be innovation – turning cutting edge scientific research into practical, workable solutions that feed billions of extra mouths from less land and smarter use of agrochemicals.

Rothamsted Enterprises, formerly known as Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprises (RoCRE), was set up in 2015 to achieve just that, by harnessing the world-renowned scientific expertise of Rothamsted Research to the disruptive power wielded by true agri-food visionaries, creating one of the most dynamic, vibrant and well-connected R&D communities found anywhere in Europe.


We think insects are the future for feeding the world’s population. Tasty, nutritious and packed full of protein these little critters can add a nutty, nutritious boost to your baking. We produce a cricket blended flour using organic flour from our local millers and adding a fine-milled cricket powder. Our crickets are fed on organic food and carefully bred and cared for by Luke and Adam. They are tasty, good for the environment and have high nutritional value. Insects are more sustainable to produce and they consume less water and food than conventional protein sources and therefore better for the environment.

Severn Snacks

Jerky Snacks made with 100% game meat.

Devon Garden Foods Ltd

We believe it is possible to build a sustainable food system that avoids the exploitation of animals and the use of chemical additives in our food by using sustainably sourced plants and reducing the impact on the environment.

Square Mile Farms

Square Mile Farms is developing the concept of an urban farm network to offer ultra-fresh, delicious and nutritious produce directly to customers. We’re doing this by developing technology and platform that enable us to rapidly install controlled environment farms in multiple locations in the heart of the city, within a square mile of our customers. We are on a mission to make food production sustainable, nutritious and local again, empowering local communities in the process

Farmacy PLC

Farmacy plc was formed in 1999 and successfully provides independent agronomy, environmental, precision and nutritional services to UK growers. They deliver these services on over 300,000 hectares mainly in the East Midlands, East Anglia and Cotswolds through over 60 dedicated Farmacists.


Weedingtech provides a greener, cleaner and safer way for communities to maintain their outside spaces. Foamstream offers organisations a herbicide-free approach to controlling unwanted vegetation, as well as sanitisation and cleaning solutions.

Veterans Farm Able Foundation

Supporting Veterans, Emergency Service Personnel and their families to resettle after suffering trauma by providing a therapeutic programme of rural and craft skills.


Pre-O are a certification label that allows farmers that are making the transition to organic agriculture to market their produce with respect to the fact that harmful cultivation methods are no-longer used, and that the produce reflects a ‘pre-organic’ state. This is beneficial to the consumer unable to afford high-end organic produce, and beneficial to the farmer who is in the ‘organic-transition’ period yet suffering from non-organic prices. Until now, no outright ‘pre-organic’ offering has existed in the food market. Pre-O are making that change.

Koringa Systems UK

KSUK specialises in the energy and environmental sectors using a strong electronics and engineering background to develop innovative solutions and technologies to reduce the human footprint while enhancing lifestyle and well-being.


RuraLink provide tailored career consultancy services to individuals, employers and education providers in the land-based sector.

Silly Greens

Micro herb grow boxes direct to your door. Silly Green boxes grow in the kitchen making food growing productive and complimentary to your cooking.

Agri Frontier

Agri Frontier Limited (“Agri Frontier”) are an Agri Investment and Advisory firm that specialises in helping to create world class farming and integrated agri businesses across the value chain, with a focus on frontier markets. Typical clients range from family owned to corporate farming businesses in Africa, International businesses with a desire to expand their operations to Africa, as well as Impact, Developmental and Private Equity investors.


Trogon deliver high speed, reliable internet connectivity in poor infrastructure or poor connectivity environments.


Breedr is the world’s first app for livestock farmers that uses shared data to optimise yield, quality and profitability.

Regen Farm Ltd

RegenFARM is a farm design tool based on proven regenerative agriculture methods. RegenFARM will enable farmers and farmland investors to determine the most productive and profitable way to use their natural assets anywhere in the world, making them resilient to the impacts of climate change, and a participant in the developing circular economy.

Hummingbird Technologies

Founded in the UK with operations in Brazil, Russia & Ukraine, they enable farmers and agronomists to gain a detailed understanding of their crop at a high resolution in a very short space of time. Hummingbird Technologies have a range of crop management tools, which can provide detailed insight into how crops are growing to allow more informed input decisions on crop health.

LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow are a Bristol-based start-up designing irrigation and control technology for vertical farms. The roots of crops are suspended in a dense nutritious mist which delivers consistently high yields for vertical farms.

Pasture for Life Association

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association brings together British farmers committed to producing high quality food in a more natural way

BioCarbon Engineering

BioCarbon Engineering provide integrated analytics and planting solutions for large-scale ecosystem restoration projects. By capturing and analysing data on ecosystems they are better able to monitor them over time and make decisions about how to manage planting and maintenance activities.


Co-founded by Professor Bruce Grieve, Director of e-Agri Sensors Centre at the University, and Dr Charles Veys, the company offers a new online crop analysis tool, that aims to help improve yield quality and shelf life significantly.



The MagGrow system is a patented, proprietary technology for droplet formation that yields superior spray drift-reduction and spray coverage performance.


Deliver robust technology and services that encourage ethologically sound management and training practices, resulting in healthy and happy horses and customers.


Beosense’s technology has been developed in the Bristol QTEC Incubator, and is based on a lab-on-a-chip technology which was developed for human use and is now being applied to livestock.

Glas Data

Glas Data have designed FarmHand, an open cloud-based ecosystem designed to unify agricultural data.


Digital cattle and sheep tags to track animal location, movement and behaviour in near realtime across extensive farming conditions with auto alerts

RAW Energy

RAW Energy is a specialist company that owns, consults on and develops renewable energy assets in the UK and abroad helping to meet national energy demands and assisting in the transition to a fossil free energy network

Meadow Foods

Meadow Foods is the UK’s largest independent dairy and a leading supplier of milk and dairy ingredients to the food industry.

CRM AgriCommodities

CRM Agri is a leading independent provider of grain trading information and strategies. We help agribusinesses manage price risk and secure strong financial performance in an increasingly volatile market.

Cirencester College

Cirencester College is an Ofsted ‘outstanding’ college in a rural setting on the outskirts of Cirencester, Gloucestershire.  One of only three designated specialist Sixth Form Colleges in the South West, Cirencester College is one of the top ranking Sixth Form Colleges in the country.


NIAB is a pioneering plant science organisation based at the heart of the Cambridge science, technology and university communities and a thriving UK agricultural industry.


We create alternative animal feeds to reduce dependency on fishmeal, soybean, corn & wheat products. That means less water consumption, less deforestation, more bio-diversity & less agri-chemical use globally.


We’ve built a platform that will help food producers justify the value of their produce and sell direct to the public in a new way, by sharing updates about the production process.


We are here to accelerate your ideas to market. Our team on experienced engineers encompass the complete development lifecycle from initial design through to prototyping, testing and manufacturing.


Established in the heart of the Cotswolds, CopperNose Ltd is the creation of two brothers, Liam and Daniel.  Having grown up with American beef jerky, CopperNose was inspired to set a new standard in craft jerky.  Using only 100% grass fed, ethically sourced British silverside beef, CopperNose is able to track and trace each order back to the farm.

Houndstooth Wireless


Applied Inspiration

Applied Inspiration is a global facing advisory firm providing capability development to people, teams and institutions in the education sector and those who see education as empowerment.

Organic Arable is an independent farmer-controlled business specialising in marketing organic grains and pulses.

Organic Arable

Happerley Farmed

We are working on behalf of the whole UK food industry and all consumers to develop and implement a means to secure provenance honesty and transparency.

ROK Imaging

The Great British Larder

The Great British Larder provide a marketplace to find and buy locally produced artisan food and drink products, and create a support framework for producers to help the British food sector and local communities work together.

Soil Fixer

Based in Cirencester, the company is run by a passionate and driven team with expertise in composting, humus and biochar. Our vision is to make products in a sustainable way that make a positive difference to gardening and horticulture. Making soil the best it can be.

The Landapp

An easy-to-use, collaborative, online mapping platform to help you and your team design and manage land-based projects.


Fieldtalk’s uniquely placed services can help you overcome the challenges your rural business faces, the environment you have to work in, and provide the right communications tools to run your business.

Daniel Baird Soil Consultancy

Specialist soil and agriculture consultancy to the planning and development sector.


Farm-r is an online marketplace that allows you to rent out contractor services or find the best local services, rent-in or rent-out under-utilised farm machinery and rent out your labour services.


Petiole is a mobile solution in precision agriculture. It measures individual leaf surface area and total plant leaf area in a tap.


Dojit was created to ensure everyone gets the most out of the games they play. dojit does this by providing tools and services which increase player experience and satisfaction. These tools can be applied to tablet, mobile, console and online gaming platforms via plugins developed and provided by dojit.

With Water Consulting

Water resources and information technology solutions. With Water Consulting helps organisations successfully formulate and deliver their water projects or analyse and develop water strategies and policies.

The Farm IQ

We provide agricultural business intelligence and analytics to growers by supporting in their decision-making processes. Our technology collects data from farm systems to create customised solutions and real-time monitoring to increase overall farm productivity.

Geo 4D

Geo-4D is an independent geoconsultancy based in Oxfordshire, UK, specialising in advanced remote sensing, data integration and 3D data services. Our core staff experience combined with a hand-picked suite of the best software available enables efficient and effective workflows, delivering accurate, cost effective and flexible solutions.


Stable helps Dairy, Livestock and Arable farmers insure themselves from volatile commodity prices. To make it simple, quick and affordable for everyone, it’s all based on public indexes from Government organisations like the AHDB and DEFRA.


SteelRock Technologies provides unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and counter-UAV products.


Overstory specialises in architecture, design, and delivery of information systems.